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Episode July 1, 2020

Fed pulling uncertainty out of interest rate market lifts demand for risk assets. Entropy doesn't go away, it only shifts from one place to the other. 

Episode June 28, 2020

How would Laplace's Demon do as an investor? My guess is, not well. Looking for better vocabulary in the hedge fund business. 

Episode June 27, 2020

Do we have the right vocabulary for risk taking? Sometimes I feel like we're watching the weather from above and trying to analyze specific situations on the ground. 

Episode June 26, 2020

Experiencing and internalizing uncertainty is key to running a hedge fund. The test is on right now. 

Episode June 25, 2020

Markets shaken by resurgence of virus cases. The problem is we don't have proper institutions to deal with the issue. 

Episode June 22, 2020

The transition from analog to digital intelligence is the biggest event on Wall Street.

Episode June 19, 2020

Mindset is the weapon. In the business of disruption mindset is the competitive advantage. 

Episode June 18, 2020

Key characteristics of winners. 

Episode June 16, 2020

Is the board of Tesla overpaid? Thoughts on board compensation and relevance for Tesla. 

Episode June 14, 2020

"When fighting Monsters make sure you don't become a monster" (Friedrich Nietzsche). We're concerned that yield curve control makes the Fed a monster. 

Episode June 12, 2020

Define variables we control. What are the degrees of freedom of a hedge fund? Less than you might think. 

Episode June 11, 2020

FOMC press conference and market sell off. Market testing Fed stance on negative rates and yield curve control.

Episode June 10, 2020

Recent performance of TSLA and MSFT.

We start buying longterm calls on growth equities. 

Episode June 8, 2020

Disruption in nature and business. Lessons from the transition of fish from water to land. 

Episode June 6, 2020

Explaining why Podcast was named     

"Not Even Wrong"

Episode June 5, 2020

Falling longterm interest rates in the US will boost prices of quality assets

Episode June 3, 2020

Purpose of "Not Even Wrong" Podcast